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What is the Difference Between a Physical/Wellness Exam and a Problem or Chronic Care Visit?

Wellness and Physicals commonly include a review of the following:


  • Review of your medical and social history related to your health and education
  • Counseling about preventative services
  • Appropriate measurements/exam of the following are part of the wellness exam; Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, ears, eyes, skin, abdomen, various immunizations and other routine measurements
  • Screenings for appropriate preventive services such as cancer screenings, breast, colorectal, cervical and prostate.
  • Depending on your insurance certain blood test to check such things as cholesterol and blood sugar
  • How to maintain a healthy lifestyle


Wellness/Physicals do not include:


Chronic health issues, incidental findings during the physical that must be addressed, acute health conditions that may need to be addressed. These additional issues may be billed separately.

In general, most insurers will cover your wellness/physical in full but I assume responsibility if my insurer requires an additional copayment or applies that portion of my visit to my deductible. If I have separate issues that I would like to address that are significantly separate from my wellness/physical exam, I will notify my provider if I am concerned that my policy may not cover an additional office visit. I understand that as a result I may be required to schedule a future appointment to have those issues addressed.

Healthy Visits

We provide preventive medicine visits for adults of all ages. Preventive medicine has become increasingly important as our population ages. We provide counseling regarding weight reduction, smoking cessation, exercise, osteoporosis prevention, and contraception management. We offer all routine health maintenance laboratory tests including screening for cholesterol and diabetes, as well as cancer screening for cervical, prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

Chronic Disease Management

Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Morehouse, Dr. Bubb, and Dr. Nicolini each have extensive experience caring for patients with complex medical problems including diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, chronic lung disease, and other chronic illnesses. We provide all necessary laboratory studies and can arrange for any appropriate studies, tests, or specialist referrals. Our Chronic Care Manager is Carissa Praytor and our Health Coach is Naomi Rokaw. 


We are always willing to see you if you have concerns about your health or feel that you are ill. We can perform diagnostic studies such as throat swabs, urinalysis, and laboratory tests. We can arrange for any other diagnostic studies needed and can refer you to any medical specialty when appropriate. We provide the most up to date and appropriate treatment. We always make sure you have adequate follow up.

Patient Information and Links

AAP – wonderful source for all types of patient education material.
CDC – best source for travel medicine. If you are planning a trip overseas this can be of great value. Click on Travelers Health and choose your location. We can provide travel advice and immunizations. Please call our office to inquire.
WebMD – patient information

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