Patient Survey


Shortly after each visit at our office you will receive an email invitation to participate in a survey containing the following question:


Question                                                                                                     Options


Your Appointment

Ease of making your appointment                                                                                                                      Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Appointment available within a reasonable amount of time                                                                          Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

The efficiency of the check-in process                                                                                                               Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Waiting time in the reception area                                                                                                                      Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Waiting time in the exam room                                                                                                                           Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Our Staff

The courtesy of the person who took your call                                                                                                Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

The friendliness and courtesy of the receptionist                                                                                           Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

The caring and concern of our nurses/medical assistants                                                                           Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

The helpfulness of the people who assisted you with billing or insurance                                                 Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Practice Communications

Your phone calls answered promptly                                                                                                                Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Getting advice or help when needed during office hours                                                                               Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Your test results reported in a reasonable amount of time                                                                           Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Effectiveness of our health information materials                                                                                          Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Your ability to contact us after hours                                                                                                                Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

How confident are you in your ability to afford food and/or shelter                                                            Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Provider Visit

Taking time to listen and answer your questions                                                                                           Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Amount of time spent with you                                                                                                                         Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Explaining things in a way you could understand                                                                                          Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Instructions regarding medication/follow-up care                                                                                        Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Knew important information about your medical history                                                                            Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Our Facility

Hours of operation convenient for you                                                                                                            Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Overall comfort                                                                                                                                                     Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Adequate parking                                                                                                                                                 Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

Signage and directions easy to follow                                                                                                              Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A


Our practice                                                                                                                                                          Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

The quality of your medical care                                                                                                                      Poor to Excellent (1-5) or N/A

How likely are you to recommend our practice and providers to your friends

and family?                                                                                                 0-10

Please share any other comments or feedback you have have about your

visit:                                                                                                           Open comments





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